Power Options When the Lights Go Out

Remember February 26, 2010? That was the day of the great wind storm that knocked power out for more 300,000 New Hampshire households. And then there was December 11, 2008, the day of the last great ice storm in the state. Fully half of New Hampshire households lost power, many for days, and some for weeks. There was even one fatality attributed to a poorly-ventilated portable generator.
Extreme weather and power outages are a staple of New Hampshire’s weather. A generator and the backup power it provides can be a welcome, reassuring presence when the electricity goes out at home.
Portable gasoline-powered generators are one way to get backup power, though the electricity they provide is limited – and typically a portable generator will use 12-18 gallons of gas a day when heavily loaded.
They can also be a hassle – you have to have a transfer switch installed to run direct-wired appliances such as your heating system, or run extension cords in and out of your house for plug-in fixtures – and they pose a very real safety threat if you don’t use them properly.
“With a portable generator, you might have to run cords, store gas, and stabilize the gas so you don’t gum up the carburetor,” says Jon Ruggles, owner of R&T Electric.
A better and safer alternative is a stationary generator. Not only are they safer, they provide much more power than portable units. And you can leave for that long-planned for winter getaway without worrying about the weather back home. If the power goes out, a stationary generator will automatically power on – no frozen pipes to come home to! Typically New Hampshire home and business owners will power a stationary generator with propane dispensed from a permanently-installed tank.
R&T Electric sells and services Generac and Siemens generators. It has been in the electrical services business since 1972. That’s 47 years! Large or small, commercial or residential, R&T Electric has the tools and the people to do the job right – and we’re a company you can count on in an emergency.
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